Administration and Receptionists

Administrators are professionals who are responsible for coordinating the daily administration of doctors, staff, visitors and patients at the surgery. They schedule appointments, answer patient inquiries, handle patient emergencies, and monitor stock and supplies at the surgery.

We have a dedicated team of reception staff who are your first point of contact with the surgery. They deal with patients presenting to reception as well as patients telephoning the surgery, and they need to balance the needs of both.  Please bear with them if they ask you to wait either on the telephone or in a queue whilst they are dealing with another patient or clinical staff.  They aim to manage the time that patients are kept waiting to an acceptable standard.  Please remember that they have a job which is often difficult and are not able to please all the people all the time. 

Julie Pugh

Deb Pugh

Courtney Shepherd

Alison Jones

Sue Rogers

Jane Barrett

Gilly Vernon

Caroline Tandy

Tania Swan

Georgina Williams

Samantha Richardson