The Wellbeing Links Service

What is it?

The GP Wellbeing Links Service is a partnership between Primary Care, GAVO and MCC. Each GP surgery in Monmouthshire has a Wellbeing Links Advisor who is available to meet patients who are struggling with stress, anxiety or depression due to 'non-medical' issues.

People may be facing difficulties due to finances, employment, relationships, housing, bereavement or all manner of other things in their life.

GP surgery staff recognise that many of their patients could benefit from having a conversation with someone who can help them to identify what may be useful in overcoming problems and finding some enjoyment in life to have a better sense of well-being.

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How does it work?

GPs and other surgery staff can gain consent from the patient to pass individuals' contact details on to the Wellbeing Links Advisor and request them to get in touch with the individual. Posters about the service are on display in surgeries with the email address and phone number so patients can contact the Advisor directly but this relies on the individual being confident and motivated to do so. 

The Wellbeing Links Advisor contacts people by phone and arranges to meet them in the community at a convenient time in a comfortable place such as a cafe, community centre or garden centre. They are friendly and approachable and take time to listen to understand people's concerns and feelings. Together the individual and the Wellbeing Links Advisor will discuss 'what matters' and identify any local support or opportunities that may be useful. The Advisor will follow up by providing relevant information or introducing the person to relevant support groups or services. The service aims to be informal and flexible depending on each person's needs.

The Wellbeing Links Advisor for Chepstow, Caldicot and Tintern is Angela James, Lisa Hopkin is available for surgeries in Monmouth, Raglan, Trellech and Abergavenny, Lyra Vaz covers surgeries in Usk. Their contact details can be found above.